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The user-friendly POS solution

Quickly installed, simply marketed

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Thanks to its clear and well-designed user interface the POS solution of Odoo can be used both online and offline. The Odoo POS module is integrated in financial accounting and warehouse management what allows you to generate real-time reports of any sales areas. You do not longer need to integrate several applications to your main solution! 

Online and offline - rely on Odoo - even without an internet connection

You can set up a new outlet in a few moments. For that you need only Internet connection. They do not require additional Odoo POS hardware. The POS module works on any tablet, laptop or POS machine.

For starting of the Odoo POS module is an Internet connection is necessary. If the connection is interrupted, the application continues to run anyway. During reconnection, the data is automatically synchronized in the background.

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POS module works on any hardware

You work with tablet, desktop, laptop or smartphone? No problem! Since the POS module works on any hardware, there are no additional costs for assembly or modifications!

The Odoo POS module is suitable for any touch device. It does not matter if it is a multi-touch tablet like an iPad or a touch-sensitive laptop screen.

In any browser functional - even offline

Odoo POS works for all devices that come with a web browser.

Odoo POS on your smartphone, tablet or desktop?

The POS solution is suitable for any touch device. It does not matter if it is a multi-touch tablet like an iPad or a touch-sensitive laptop screen.

Odoo POS and peripheral devices

There may be a variety of peripherals such as printers, cash registers, scales, barcode scanners can be connected externally.

Simply traceable service, appealing, clean design - Odoo POS module - the favorite for retailers

You no longer have to deal with the unsightly user interfaces of old POS applications themselves. The surface of Odoo was developed specifically for retail.

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Integrated Productivity

Integrated productivity

Shorten the waiting time of your customers - by the editing of multiple sales transactions simultaneously. Whether you are owner of a restaurant or operate a physical store - your customers will thank you!

Quickly search and easy to use

You can quickly get to filter queries about products or scan items to find this in the hierarchical product category.

POS Product categories
Warehouse Inventory Management

Integrated warehouse inventory management

The visits of several distribution channels, mobile outlets, online shops and stores in real-time is not a problem anymore. You will receive information in real time to allow automatically create order proposals .

Further information on warehousing in Odoo, see here.

Set new standards in customer service

Stay in mind of your customers - as a competent partner in the fields warranty Claims, repairs, customer concerns. Quality management and customer satisfaction - thanks Odoo here is organizing a breeze.

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Accounting and Reporting in odoo

Inline accounting and reporting

Odoo POS module supports you with convincing solutions: Few clicks to the customer invoice. Realtime reporting and automated processing of transactions in the region cash, inventory changes and sales. The integration of several programs belongs to the past!

Meet with the help of Odoo POS smart choices to perfect your business model.

Information about the extensive possibilities with Odoo for accounting, see  here.

Efficiency in the checkout area

Viele Unternehmen nutzen bereits einen Selbstbedienungsmodus, mit welchem Sie die Anzahl der benötigten Kassierer und damit Kosten senken. Ihre Kunden scannen selbst und bezahlen über eine individualisierte Benutzerplattform. Auch mit dem POS-System von Odoo ist dies möglich.

A control station with light - and sound signals will help in monitoring the checkout process.

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product range in odoo

Your outlets - Network

Call hard facts on the product range, pricing or actions for selected transactions from and thus create transparency and uniformity for your customers. Branch Cross-strategies can be implemented without complex interfaces.

Vor Ort und im Netz mit Kunden kommunizieren

With help of Odoo, your customers make purchasing decisions in-store and online, you can integrate with Odoo POS brands successfully, manage customer relationships across all channels, create customer profiles and establish communication with buyers.

Cross-channel sales, contact list, profiles and much more offers you a 360° view of your customers.

Communication with customers in odoo

Explore the possibilities with Odoo

Variety of functions - easy to use

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For more information and an overview of the solutions of Odoo click here.

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